I’ve been wanting to eat some Canadian Poutine in Berlin for a while but instead had some in Halle today by chance. As always this is an unpaid ad (german: unbezahlte Werbung).

What is Canadian POUTINE?

Price: 4,90 €
Ingredients: Fries with gravy and grated cheese

Poutine are French fries covered with fresh cheese curds, and topped with brown gravy. The dish originates from Canada from the province of Quebec.

Marie who was with us and has been to Canada before said that the cheese was different here but otherwise still good. The cheese with the gravy was indeed tasty. We had no problem with the fact that the fries were quickly soggy in the hot gravy. I am digging the poutine food trend!


Price: 8, 40 €
Ingredients: 100% Beef // Potato rösti // Edam cheese // Tomato // Cucumber // Salad // Fried onions // Ranch & Burgersauce .

It was my first time having a lye bun (laugen brötchen) as a burger bun. It doesn’t get as soggy as your typical bun. Me and the other two were impressed by the crispness of the beef and the rösti. Great combination!

Burger at Burgerheart
Burger at Burgerheart


 Zitronen-Eistee (lemon ice tea) | 4,00 €

Waldbeer-Honig-Eistee (Berry honey ice tea) | 4,00 €

Drinks at Burgerheart


Interior at Burgerheart
burgerheart menu in halle
burgerheart interior in halle
burgerheart interior in halle
burgerheart interior in halle
burgerheart interior in halle

Final Thoughts

Nice place for students to get a good burger and poutine!


Universitätsring 6A
06108 Halle (Saale)
0345 6867758