Some followers advised me to try the egg tarts at @kfchkso of course I did! Lucky me for having you guys, bc the egg tart was great! It was super crispy and still hot when I got it! .
At that time@kfchkalso had a new summer special: New Zealand MILK CONE! Holy moly that soft serve was incredible creamy and had such a rich milk flavor! Gotta check out our local KFC in Germany to compare soon!
egg tarts
Don’t even get me started on their Japanese special edition: MATCHA SOFT SERVE serve with red bean and dango!It’s a winning combination and we know it!Can we pretty please have such exotic flavors in our German KFC too please????



廘蹄廘晨 廘廘/廘蹄飩廘晨廘

危atcha Red bean softserve – 19hkd
列reamy Milk Cone – 7hkd
奶Egg Tart – 8,50 hkd
Go Cup: 2 Hot wings, fries – 18hkd


呱FC: Concession No.5, Hong Kong Stadium, 55 Eastern Hospital Road, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hongkong