@yama_restaurant was previously focused on sushi but expanded their menu and offer Ramen since last September! The chef here is very passionate about his dishes and the service was very friendly. I really enjoyed the decor and this cozy corner with my mom!

As a starter my mom had the SAKE MAKI (Salmon Sushi) while I had the EBI OKONOMIYAKI (Japanese pancake) that was quite a generous portion size and was topped with a good amount of shrimps and octopus. I have to admit it was too much mayonnaise for me that competed with the other delicious ingredients and the Sushi rice from my mom was a bit dry 🙈

For our mains my mom got the TONKOTSU Ramen🍜 (pic 1) that comes with extra pork, spring chive, egg🥚, sprouts, shashu (pork belly), morels, sesame, garlic oil, white cabbage🥬, ginger and nori. And the upper part of her nori (seaweed) sheet stayed firm and crispy until the end! That’s when you know it’s a high quality nori sheet!.

I got the GOMA HIYASHI CHU-KA Cold Ramen🍜 (pic3) because I prefer dry noodles over soup bowls in general :p. The dish comes with a bed of chilled noodles topped with Shoyu-Dare (soy sauce), Tomatoes🍅, cucumber🥒, egg🥚, pork belly, nori, morels, leek and sesame sauce. The sesame sauce was the most prominent taste, so add more soy sauce if you want more kick. I appreciated the fresh and natural taste of everything though. It was such a rich and refreshing meal!🤗

As a dessert I thoroughly enjoyed the Matcha Tiramisu🍵 . My mom was so full she couldn’t get dessert but I got her to try some of mine.
I love the adorable presentation with the matcha pokey sticks! Was very refreshing, the biscuits was soft and moist and went well with the cream and matcha. The apple slices🍎 and physicalis added a nice fruity freshness!


✏ Ice Matcha Latte (4,00€)
✏ Ice Matcha (4,00 €)
✏ Ebi Okonomiyaki (8,90€) ✏ Sake Maki (Salmon Sushi)

🍜 TONKOTSU Ramen (11,90€) 🍜 GOMA HIYASHI CHU-KA Cold Ramen(12,50 €)
🍵 Matcha Tiramisu (4,50€)



 📍Yama Restaurant Sushi and Ramen: Marienburger Str. 48, 10405 Berlin, Germany