🇸🇪 Kids menu at @maxburgers_se
Max is Sweden’s first fast food chain and it’s everyone’s favorite! It’s better than Mc Donald’s, better than Burger King for a reason! After eating at Max I don’t even feel any regret!

They have vegetarian, vegan and even gluten-free options there is something for everyone! And for all the products they use, they take into account the impact on the environment and opt for sustainable options

I always get the KIDS MENU with a burger, the bean salad and for additionally around 0,30€ a vegan milkshake. Since last year the texture of the milkshakes have greatly improved here! While it was too thick the last time I was here, it is nice and creamy now! And the veggie burger I got this time was also delish!
So now the only downsize I see is that we don’t have a Max in Germany xD

💲Price: around 3,90 € per menu
📍Location: Västra Esplanaden 20, Umeå, Sweden
🏷[Unpaid Ad/ Unbezahlte Werbung]
✏ Veggieburger, Nuggets, Fries, Bean salad, Mini Carrots, Dreamshake Chocolate, Dreamshake Vanilla