Today we left Hong Kong and arrived in Shenzhen, China at around 12:00 it took around 2h to get the Visa finished 😅 and then another hour to find our accommodation.
We went to this tea place, walked around in the wrong direction, took a taxi and the taxi drove us back to the tea place. So we were actually already at the right place near our accommodation 😏😏
I didn’t have lunch nor did I bring water with me so this tea was my savior and it was good 👍. The menu was in mandarine so I didn’t even know what to expect and just pointed at whatever 🤣
But since I am in China over the weekend and the restrictions regarding Facebook, Instagram and co. Are so restricted, responding and posting will take a bit. Even with VPN connection, internet is constantly weak/lost. 🙄



💲18 yuen


📍 Lan Tea.. gonna update after figuring out the adress 😝😝