Location: Bac Hai Restaurant, Niederbarnimstraße 17, 10247 Berlin

Ad / Anzeige – Invitation

Holy guacamole I am shaken by how much I like this place guys!! From my order all the way to the interior! This was the best start into Saturday. 

I ordered a Smoking drink,which looks freaking bomb.com and my new favourite cake: Chuối nếp nướng (vietnamese grilled banana sticky rice)! Man. I can’t stop raving about this place. But let’s start with the banana sticky cake:

Chuối nếp nướng (4,00€)

Banana sticky rice cake with coconut sauce and berries

I’ve never had vietnamese banana cake like this before and I am glad to have made its acquaintance hehe. The cake is made out of sticky rice (Xôi) and served warm. The consistency was spot on like Xoi should be: chewy, firm but still soft. And then you’ve got this moutheatering banana taste. And I am telling you, that banana is totally making out with the coconut milk and forming this beautiful already perfect fusion! To add some spice to this foodporn you take a spoonful of berries and peanuts for an even better experience. And the three of them form this beautiful mouthwatering relationship.

Man, I am still vividly dreaming about this cake while sitting on this review. This hot stuff is just too good.

Guys, get yourself this banana cake! I promise you won’t regret it 
I’ll continue raving about this place in my next post, but this baby deserved a post on its own.

O‘ LUAN Smokey drink (5,90 €)

Aloe Vera, Lycheejuice, Blueberries, BasileseedsAs I mentioned in my previous post I am amazed by this place! To my new favourite cake Banh chou (last post) I ordered the O’Luan smokey drink . Its listed under the “smoking homemades”, which are drinks served with dry ice to get this nice smokey effect you can see on the picture! It was the initial reason I went here. Everything about this drink was a dream! It’s filled with all of the ingredients I enjoy. Can anyone actualy say no to aloe vera and lychee juice? And then it had a nice amount of basil seeds making the drink even fresher and giving it a nice change of texture. Paired with occasionell blueberries at the bottom that would pop up in your mouth and the beetroot on top it added to texture and flavour. And then we have the nice presentation of the drink alone and then paired with the smoking dry ice it makes the perfect drink! Since I dropped by when they just opened there weren’t any other guest yet and I had all of this tasteful and eyeful experience to myself  and I enjoyed every minute. The waiter was super nice and even offered me to refill the dry ice so I could take another picture because everything went by so fast I didn’t get my perfect shot. Totally worth it cause I love how the photo turned out! I mean apart from my order I don’t even know what my most favourite thing about this pic allone is! Look at the interior! The color scheme! The vietnamese sentence and its meaning: A family meal (sounds better in vietnamese).

Final Thoughts

viet girl

At this point I cannot even decide whether I like the drink or the cake more that I ordered. I seriously wasn’t expecting to love both so much! I came her without any expectations and got so much more! I highly recommend the two things I got here!