I had a wonderfull Korean BBQ dinner with on the first day we arrived in Shenzhen🤗🤗! The price and value here blew us away! We were shaken when we got the receipt because it was way cheaper than we expected 👍. We ordered a lot of meat and alcohol in addition an paid only around 80€ for 5 People 😳



ᵘⁿᵖᵃⁱᵈ ᵃᵈ/ᵃⁿᶻᵉⁱᵍᵉ

✏ Korean BBQ
💸 632 yuan (80€)


📍HanYang Guan (KK mall): Shen Nan East Road 5016, Jing Ji Bai Na KongJian 4 Floor, Shenzhen, China