🇰🇷 Korean streetfood compilation of our first day at some of the many street vendors in Myeongdong Market. They are open late along with all the other street food vendors. Perfect for late night cravings🥰

🍳EGG BREAD – Gyeran-Bbang
Super Tasty! It’s sweet and crunchy.

If you thought Churros couldn’t get any better you gotta try these Oreo Churros!

Cute and small to go snacks. They are like mini Korean sushis. I munched on them while following my sister on her shopping spree. Bulgogi, Spicy Bulgogi, Kimchi and Tuna were my favourite🥰 nice and flavourful while Cheese, Crabsticks and Spam were bland and meeh.🙈
🥤SIKHYE (식혜) – Sweet Rice Punch
Meeh, a bit underwhleming. Not a must try. It is made by pouring malt water onto cooked rice and cooked until it’s sweet. To my surprise no sugar is added to this although it’s super sweet!🤩

🍭PPOPGI or Dalgona is a Korean sugar candy. It’s also refered to as Honeycomb toffee, sponge toffee in other cultures o.o It’s basically just sugar and baking soda. And that’s how they taste. I am sorry, but I did not like this candy, it tasted like burned caramel😶. It is sweet but also smokey and bitter. The texture is hard and brittle.🙈
🍯”KKUL-TARAE (꿀타래; lit. “honey skein”), also known as Korean court cake, is a Korean dessert and variation of Dragon’s beard candy.[1] A hard dough of honey-maltose mixture is kneaded, twisted, and stretched (pulled) into 16,384 skeins of silky threads, in which assorted candied nuts, chocolate, or other fillings are wrapped.” We got several packs of these as a souvenir for our relatives in Vietnam 🤗

🇰🇷Odeng (오뎅) | Korean Fish Cake
Odeng is at its best when it’s skewered on a stick!
Odeng comes from the Japanese word “oden.” these Fish cake skewers make a great, inexpensive street snack 👌😍 the texture results from the blend of fish and grain. Soaked in broth it makes a nice wholesome and hearty comfort food!
We discovered this stall on our way home and got some skewers every day from then on xD it was way more flavourful then the blend ones we had at Myeongdong (last 4pics).


🍦 Foot Long Ice-cream – 2500₩/1,95€
🥟 Mandu – 3000 ₩/2,34€
🌭 Korean Sausage Corn Dog – 3000₩/2,34€
🐟Fish cake
🍠 Gungoguma (‘군’ 고구마) | Baked Sweet Potatoes

✏ 2x FISH CAKES – 3000₩/2,34€


📌Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

📌137-2 Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea