Remeber when a scope of ice cream was 0,50 € back in the good old days? Nowadays I never like paying more than one euro for one scope of icecream and I rarely do.

But @vanille_und_marille I am more than willing to do exatcly that: I gladly pay 1,40 or 1,60 € for these heavenly tasty ice cream flavours because they are that good and truly deserve their prices! Furhtermore you can get a big black scone and a round waffle.

My lemon cheesecake was so worth it! It tastes legit like lemon cheesecake. And my Apple Crumble has huge apple crumble cake pieces in it. Tastes like the real deal! I’ve become a frequent customer over the summer and have urged all my friends to go here. 

AND: vanille_und_marille offers a variety of changing flavours and a free scope of ice cream every month when you subscibe to their newsletter! How cool is that?! It has quickly become my favourite ice cream shop in Berlin. Luckily they have so many locations distributed in the city.

Final Thoughts

Generous portions, big delicious selection and high quality ice cream! I love their newsletter deal!

Location: Reichenberger Str. 118, 10999 Berlin