Location: Fadi Food Berlin, Potsdamer Straße 117, 10783 Berlin

Manakish is a traditional dish for breakfast or lunch in the Levantine cuisine. Especially in the Levant countries Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Jordan it is eaten regularly.

I discovered the oriental mini pizza snack upon seeing an instagram post so I just had to try it!

Manakisch, oriental pizza
Manakischat and Party Snacks at Fadi Food in Berlin

Our Food Order

Manakischat | 1,00 € – 1,50 €

Thymian (1,00 €) and Sucuc Egg (1,50 €)

Manakischat at Fadi Food in Berlin

First time eating Manakishiat. I really like the concept of a small simple dough with lots of different toppings to chose from.

The Thymian version was more on the sour side but the sesame and the dough balanced it out. The flavor of the Thymian was kinda subtle but that’s due to it having been in the oven. In my opinion a lot of these kind of herbs loose their smell and flavor in the process.

The Sucuc topped with egg was more to our liking. Furthermore the sucuc  such slices were generously thick. We love the Turkish sausage with egg. 

Party Snacks | 3 for 1,00 €

Filled with cheese, minced meat and spinach.

Party snacks at Fadi Food in Berlin
Party snacks at Fadi Food in Berlin

Small and easy to eat snacks. We liked the meat version and the cheese version. There is nothing special to say about these. The spinach one was a surprisingly too sour though.


The interior is simple. It serves it purpose of having a place to sit down and eat sth. quickly. Since it was summer we opted for the seats outside. The tables  could be cleaner but then again: It’s a Bistro.

Interior at Fadi Food in Berlin

Final Thoughts

I am totally digging the cheap prices combined with the huge variety of toppings and the small sizes! The communication in German was kinda hard but ordering the numbers with the name should be simple enough and we made it in the end.

Would love to come here again with more friends so we can order more of different flavored pizzas! Just imagine the colorful picture full of different cute mini pizzas!

Fadi Food

Potsdamer Straße 117
10783 Berlin