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Several shoutouts to @peterpane_burgergrill (1) for having bun-less burgers on their menu, (2) a QR-Code to scan the menu on your own phone so not everyone is touching a menu card and (3) having a list at the entrance for people to mandatorily write their contact information in case some problems occur in the future!
My childhood friend @tatentrang is currently in Berlin and we spontaneously decided to have dinner here after I discovered that she likes this chain. She was very happy with her SCHIMMELREITER burger containing blue cheese and apple slices.
And I was happy with my bun-less GOLDLOCKE choice that included a grilled meat patty with parmesan cheese and a salad. If possible I prefer to take gluten-free options and I am glad P has it specifically in their menu so I don’t have to go through the hassle of asking or just accepting the bun. My plate looked like a salad but it tasted nice 😀

I still think the lunch menu offer for 9.80€ that includes a classic burger, a drink and a side dish is a better deal though. Although it’s not as saturating, the Burger with Sweet Potato Amaranth patty was just so delicious! 


Grilled beef, crispy rocket, sliced parmesan, ceasar crumble with parmesan cream
€ 4.50
Herber Saint-Agur blue cheese, apple slices, wild herbs with white smoked BBQ sauce
Mint-elderflower, apple-rhubarb, wild berries, mango-mint 0,5l 4,90€
✏ I don’t remeber my friend’s drink xD

Peter Pane

📍PETER PANE Berlin Friedrichstraße Burgergrill & Bar: Friedrichstraße 101, 10117 Berlin