Last week I finally dropped by at @pho.noodlebar ! It was a mere spontaneous wonderfull coincidence bc my friend @stullenbrod wanted pho or spezi and she kinda let me decide. So Pho it was because I’ve always wanted to get a better look at the interior i’ve seen from photos! Yes I am a sucker for nice interior 😁. So actually I wasn’t even the one eating because it was one of my food hopping days and I ate at 3 other places before coming here. The others just joined recently and were hungry, but pho was not on my list that day. Furtherly, my previous stop was savoury and our next stop was wonder waffle😆

BUT everyone let me try or finish their dishes so I got a fairly good opinion 😜!

@travelinh_ had the bao burger (6,50€) that tasted good and the bao bun was soft. But we both felt that the meat was dry and rough.

The fried dough stick (quay gion;2,00€)was smaller then what we are used to o.o and for how easy it is to make I wish it would be longer. Never seen such a shortie xD kinda cute.

Finally the pho: honestly, I never feel like ordering pho at vietnamese restaurants because I am vietnamese and I eat that pretty often at home. But this place is named Pho so my expectations were pretty high and I was worried I wouldn’t like it😅 BOY was I glad I gave this pho a chance! I am in love with their pho broth! One could tell that the pot it came from was probably nearly finished. You know when a pot will soon be empty and at the bottom all the seasoning gathers☺ Yup, that’s my jam! I like it salty and well seasoned and I don’t like blend food. The broth was very savoury and even without it being the “bottom” broth one could tell that pho knows how to make a good broth 😍 

In addition, the pho was served smoking hot, the noodles had the perfect consistency and the meat/greens/noodle ratio was on point! I just had three meals at three other places so I was fairly saturated so me praising the pho so much definitely means something! I even told my mom about it and she is curious now 😚. The only thing I would add is that the portion size is a bit small 🤔 then again it’s the same small size as they serve it in Vietnam… Anyway, I liked it very much 😄!



💲around 10€ for the mains

✏ Mr. & Mrs. Pho (9,00€)
✏ Bao Bao’s best – burger(6,50€)
✏ Mrs. Pho (8,50€)
✏ Trung Hup – egg yolk broth(2,50€)
✏Quay gion – fried dough stick (2,00€)


Pho Noodlebar

📍PHO NOODLEBAR: Adalberstr.9, Berlin