Cupcakes or Sushi?
Throwback to our dinner at @senryohongkong with a big selection of fine sushi 🙂 we also bought exquisite cupcakes from the @siftdessert patisserie to this restaurant to celebrate. All the flavors were delicious, but I think Sesame Peanut and Red Velvet were my favorite 🥰 Every person had to pay 10HKD in addition to be allowed to eat it there though. 😅


#calorista_eats_hongkong .
🍱 3x Sashimi Salmon 49hkd
🍱 5x Edo mea Egg 15hkd
🍱 5x Salmon 18hkd
🍱 3x Seared Salmon 22hkd
🍱 2x Tuna 28 hkd
🍱 2x Dragon Roll 28hkd
🍱 2x California Roll 🍱 2x Spicy Tuna Roll 28hkd
🍱 1x Soft Shell Crab Avocado Roll 46hkd
🍱 2x Eel Tempura Roll 58hkd
🍱 2x Sen Ryo Sushi Platter 360hkd
🍱 1x Sen ryo Fried Egg 18hkd
🍱 2x Marinated Cucumber with Moro 22hkd Miso 🍱 2x Sweet Potato Skewer 18hkd
🍱 2x Mushroom Skewer 22hkd
🧁all cupcakes 29hkd: Lucious Chocolate, Red Velvet, Sesame Peanut, Vanilla Chocolate, Kokuto Red Bean, Pure Vanilla, Banana Foster, Smores Chocolate, Rasberry, Lemon, Lemon Meringue .


📍Sift Patisserie – Hysan Place – Causeway Bay: 2/F 217, Hysan Place, Causeway Bay Hong Kong


📍sen-ryo: Fashion Walk, Riviera Mansion, Shop A&B, G/F, 59-65 Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hongkong