🇭🇰Any @shakeshack fans here? .
Because I for sure am a huge fan! I think it’s my second favourite fast food burger chain after the Swedish @maxburgers_se! What’s your favourite burger chain?
The Shake Shack in Hong Kong is located on the rooftop of the IFC Mall and hence offers a beautiful view of Hong Kong’s skyline so the food experience is even more elavated paried with the delicious burgers from Shake Shack.
Many people recommended the vegetarian MUSHROOM BURGER here. The taste and texture were amazing!🥰 Sooooo much cheese came oozing out of that mushroom patty! But although the burger was great, I gotta admit I found the flavour profile a bit lacking. I had high expectations, but it was just a bit bland and I wished for some kick 🤔 Bc mushroom + cheese themselves are kinda bland. But damn, that quality and crispness were insane!😍
I mean it’s melted cheese on fries duuuh! 😏
🥤This CHOCOLATE CUSTARD milkshake is the only thing I would not recommend at Shake Shack. It had the exact same taste as Smarties! You know the cheap and less good version of M&Ms?? xD I should have gotten the Hong Kong exclusive Milk Tea Shake 😭and I regret not having tried their classic burger.
😂BTW. Why is Shake Shack selling Dog treats again? xD Kinda surprising but I love it haha .



ᵘⁿᵖᵃⁱᵈ ᵃᵈ/ᵃⁿᶻᵉⁱᵍᵉ

🍔Shroom Burger – 66 HKD
🥤Chocolate Custard Shake – 42 HKD
🍟Cheese Fries – 36 HKD



🚩.Shake Shack: 4018, IFC, 1 Harbour View St, Central