🇭🇰The special thing about Taiwanese Shaved Ice??
Unlike the fine ice shards of Japanese Shaved Ice (Kakigōri) or the powdered snowy Korean Shaved ice (Patbingsu) this Taiwanese version (Bào Bīng) is made out of creamy long flaky bits of layered ice like you can see in the pictures. My shaved ice was mango and strawberry flavoured and topped with oreo crumbs while cereals and honeydew melon pieces were hidden at the bottom.

This store – Chung Kee, is a chain but at this location in particular you can find so many similar dessert shops if you just walk along the road. I had to stop and admire every menu card every 10 meters. xD
It was such a refreshing lifesaver when I had it in the scorching summer heat in Hong Kong! I went to the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre that day where many talented students showcased their projects.


🍨 43 HKD


📌Chung Kee Dessert – Flagship 松記糖水 總店: Shop CB58, G/F. Smiling Plaza, 162-188 Un Chau Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong