At the talented Inés creates marvelous sweet delights and they are ALL VEGAN! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read right: all the wonderful desserts here are vegan 😍😍😍
After marveling over all the beautiful desserts here, I chose the SCHWARZWÄLDER KIRSCHKUGEL (5,90€) that @isabellannhi recommended. I seriously just sat in the cafe for half an hour and stared at this beautiful creation and took hundreds of photos because I was so mesmerised and didn’t dare to eat it xD! I kinda felt like a princess eating this luxurious looking delight!👸
When I finally did have a bite of it it was wonderful! The hard chocolate shell slowly melted in my mouth and mixed well with the creamy, fruity inside while the bottom “cookie” added a perfect crumbly crunch 🤤🤤! This whole dessert is a great food experience for your eyes and taste buds!
The CHAI LATTE (3,50€) I had was just as good and the nice bio degradable packaging positively surprised me which added to the great experience!
My gosh thank you so much Inés for having me! That was a wonderful experience 😍😍😍!



✏ Schwarzwälder Kugel (5,90€)
✏ Chai Latte (3,50€)


📍be sweet:
Kollwitzstraße 37, 10405 Berlin, Germany