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Vegan bowls at @1990veganliving 

@1990veganliving is open again and they are ready for pick ups and deliveries (via @lieferando)! Their menu (last photo) is a bit modified and shorter now but still full of delicious vegan options!😊🤩
On the top you can see the YIN YANG BOWL🍲 that consists of Udon Noodles🍝 steamed with tofu, soybeans and seasonal veggies🥬, silky tofu covered in crispy rice flakes with a soy sauce and roasted onions.
At the bottom of the first pick is the YOGI BOWL🍲 that comes with marinated tofu cubes with chilli and lemongrass sauted on rice noodles, fresh salad🥬, roasted onions and peanuts🥜 served with a lime🍋 vinegrete.
Both bowls were on the sweeter side.😊 What I especially liked is that both dishes were not stir fried (as opposed to how most other places sell it) so both were not greasy and held their own true taste.🥰 We personally preferred the YOGI BOWL more because it has a deeper/ more diverse flavor profile and a variety of textures. 😜 Although the udon Yin Yang Bowl was nice as well but the udon noodles just can’t soak up other flavours as nice as rice noodles although they come with their own chewy soft charm.


✏ YOGI BOWL – 9,90€
✏ YIN YANG BOWL – 9,90€

1990 Vegan Living

📌1990 Vegan living: Krossener Str. 19, 10245 Berlin #friedrichshain