Last week I had this romantic candlelight dinner at @krautundruebenberlin with my friend @n_anh_n😍! The amazing thing here is that @krautundruebenberlin fights #foodwaste and works on using regional, seasonal and bio ingredients only!♻️ So their menu wilk change for fall😉.The regional bio vegies and fruits here were saved from being thrown away because they were deemed for not being pretty enough to be sold🤯 @krautundruebenberlin make amazing dishes out of them though😎:


We ordered the SMOKED GOAT CHEESE which was beautifully plated on a stone plate with Brezel croutons, Walnuts, Pumpkin Seeds and diffferent spreads and bread. And the goat cheese was first hidden under a glass bell enclosed in smoke!🤩🤩 You can see it when you scroll through my gallery🤯 I am usually not much into Goat Cheese but the goat taste was subtle and paired wonderfully with all other components on the plate! I was so amazed😍!

Then we were surprised by a second dish: DUMPLINGS/RAVIOLI stuffed with cheese and peas (pic 7-8) which was super delicious!! The pasta dough was slightly crispy from being pan fried and the filling was soft and tasty! Anh and I both loved it so much we tried to savory everything especially slowly 🤤🤤.

Kraut und Rüben uses regional ingredients so their menu changes depending on the seasonal availability of the food. Thus the starters here might not be available for the autumn menu anymore but if you happen to see them here I recommend you to get them!!
Also they offer MYSTERY DINNERS once a month which is a wonderful concept to get to know new people and have fun over food.😎

My dish consisted of a generous serving of 3 bowls! I had the KÄSESPÄTZLE (German mac & cheese, pic 5) with salad (pic 6) and opted for the SCHWEINEMEDAILLON (pork filet, pic 7) instead of the usual HÜFTSTEAK (sirloin steak) that the menu actually comes with bc they were out of it. I am sure a juicy Steak would have been the perfect and right meat in this dish however the Pork Filet I chose was too dry to go with the salad and Spätzle. I was warned though so it’s my fault for insisting xD. The KÄSESPÄTZLE was nice and cheesy even though it was a bit blend for my taste but nothing some salt couldn’t fix😉

Anh’s dish (pic 8) was absolutely delicious! Her soft oven roasted pumpkin perfectly melted with the crispy Backhändel (Austrian fried chicken cutlet/nugget) while the jam gave it an additional fruity kick with the salad.

All in all @krautundruebenberlin has instantly become one of my top recommendation for German food. Prices, ambience, service, food, and presentation are great here!🤩
Wolfgang and Hanna were very attentive and welcoming! Thank you so much for extanding the invitation!


✏ SMOKED GOAT CHEESE – Geräucherter Ziegenkäse, Portweinzwiebeln, Brezelcroutons, Walnüsse, Kürbiskerne, Brotkorb (7,00 €)
✏ CHEESE PEAR DUMPLING/RAVIOLI – Gefüllte Teigtaschen mit Käse und Birnen 
✏ Sauerkirschsaft (2,20€)
✏ Apfel Räuber (2,90€)
✏Hüftsteack, Röstzwiebeln, Käseplätzle, Salat (around 14,50€)
✏ Bunter Kräutersalat, Backhändel, Kürbis (9,00€)
✏Bio Tea (3,10€


📍Kraut & Rüben: Chamissopl. 1, 10965 Berlin, Germany