Ad / Anzeige – Invitation

Before heading back to Sweden Stephie and me took up the invitation by Ryu to check out there food. We had a pretty good time.

Ryu is a family-run restaurant serving mainly Vietnamese food but ultimately fusing asian cuines together with a modern twist.

Its name “Ryu” is Japanese and translates to dragon. Interestingly, the name was inspired by their son, who was born in the lunar year of the golden dragon. In south-east asian culture that brings luck and heavenly assistance.

If you visit the Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain Berlin, consider dropping by at Ryu if you are looking for south-east asian food with a modern interpretation. 

As a Vietnamese myself I rarely –if ever,  set high expectations when eating Vietnamese food outside. Traditional flavors are sometimes heavily adapted to suit German’s taste and while not bad, it is an adapted flavor nonetheless. Nowadays with new and younger Vietnamese restaurants popping up in Berlin that is slightly changing though.

RYU sets itself apart from the common standard and has convinced my inner Vietnamese. Like the restaurant Creasion, it belongs to the modern Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin. Everything we had tasted familiar but the dishes had a modern twist to them (more details later). It was like an exciting combination of a modern interpreation of traditioinal food that took different european and southeast asian flavours into account. 

Stephie and me enjoying lunch

Ryu’s menu is clearly divided into starters, mains and drinks on one menu page. Their food selection offers a diverse combination of ingredients and our order was prepared and served with great attention to detail. My eyes were pleasingly surprised by the food presentation here. 

Good to know is, that all types of meat can be replaced with tofu, so that the whole card is adapted to vegans.

Although the prices are certainly not quite as cheap as other Asian restaurants in  Berlin it shows in the quality. We went there at 13:00. That’s one hour after opening. My mom usually warns me about going to Vietnamese restaurants early because often the old ingredients from the previous day are used. So food is mostly fresher in the evening. While that might be true for other restaurants (and I kinda understand why), Ryu does certainly understand that customers coming here are paying for quality and not “Chinapfanne (fried egg noddles)” and “Fried Rice”. The food we had was delicious and original and certainly not old. 

Gotta love that autumn tree at Ryu
Sneak peak at our order, scroll down to see more
Our order

Our Order

Passion Berry (4,20 €)

Blueberries with passion fruit juice and peppermint

Passion Berry (4,20 €)

I had this refreshing berry drink that is nicely served in this glass jar. It was a tad bit too sweet for me. I was hoping the sour berries would balance out the passion fruit’s sweetness. In hindsight blueberries are not sour to begin  with though and I should have asked for additional water instead.

Tra Hung (3,00 €)

Peppermint Tea

mint tea
Mint Tea

My friend Stephie was not feeling the best these days so she opted for a tea. I love that it is served in this bowl with a spoon rather than a small cup. Looks like herbal soup!


Mr Crunchy (5,50 €)

Crispy Shrimps coated with green sticky rice, served with a pineapple- tamarind chutney.

Mr Crunchy (5,50 €)

This one Stephie and I agreed, was too oily. We could faintly taste the shrimp so the sweet chutney was what gave this dish its taste. The green sticky rice, however, gave it a nice crispy coating! Now that is impressive to note, because keeping fried things from getting soggy is a challenge and sticky rice doesn’t always do the trick. So thumbs up for that, Ryu!

Bang Bang Waffle (5,90 €)

Spinach waffle with crispy chicken patties, coleslaw, fresh salad and chilli mayonaise

Bang Bang Waffle (5,90 €)

Now this aesthetically pleasing beauty is my personal favorite here! I love the taste of the combination between the spinach waffle and the sweet salad! Only the chicken patty didn’t have any particular taste to it. And only later did we discover that another waffle was hidden under the coleslaw. By that time the waffle was soggy and soft unfortunately but tastewise it was still pretty good. I would order it again!

Main Dishes

Salmon on Fire (12,50 €)

Grilled salmon with homemade Kimchi, fresh ginger and sprouts with a soy-chilli-sauce

Salmon on Fire (12,50 €)

This salmon was particularly tasty. It din’t have the smokey taste from the grill but it was buttery and so soft! Stephie prefer’s tuna, but I would chose salmon over tuna any day! Are you on team salon or tuna?

The “Salmon on fire” is a balanced combination between a buttery salmon with rice paired with a tasty sweet sauce. It is served with kimchi and ginger and sprouts which gives it an additional nice sour and spicy kick. I was espcially positivly surprised by the ginger and sprouts that (just like the kimchi) added a sweet and sour taste.

Udon Beef (11,90 €)

Grilled Entrecote stripes on fried udon noodles with park choi and brocoli seasoned with a slightly sweet soy sauce, chilli, roasted onions and fresh coriander.

beef on rice
Udon Beef (11,90 €)

Stephie had her first Udon experience here and she likes it! I tried some of her meat which was tender and easy to chew. 

Unfortunately I had to leave for another urgent appointment so I didn’t have time to try there dessert :(. But be informed that they offer Pannacotta (4,20 €) as a dessert!


You just gotta love that tree in the middle of the room that is given the whole restaurant a warm realxing autumn vibe and serves a definite eye catcher! 

The tree, the wood and moss elements give the guest a really cozy and inviting feeling.

The small restaurant can accommodate 45 people. The decor is nostalgic and based on the elements fire and earth.

The service is fast, friendly and attentive.

Final Thoughts


Krossener Str. 17
10245 Berlin
Friedrichshain Kreuzberg


RYU is a jewel in Boxi. If you visit the popular area in Berlin I urge you not to miss the spinach waffles. It’s an excellent and very creative starter!

The restaurant is spacious but also a great location with incredibly nice and helpful staff members.

It’s a good adress for modern asian food around Boxi!